fp L

After a series of issues with a TL2 that I bought on launch day several years ago, I’ve refrained from being an early adopter. Let others, I figure, discover that the latest pic clicker has been shipped with firmware 0.99, or that there’s a light leak in the mount, or whatever.

But today, having learned that a local shop was expecting their first shipment of Sigma fp L, I headed over there. I entered the store just as the delivery man was leaving, and ten minutes later so was I, with my new device.

A nice twist to begin with is that it uses the same battery as my CL, and it’s charging as I type this. Appearance-wise, it’s an odd bird, and I’m not too crazy about having yet another EVF that’s so offset from center.

Its main job is to be a reliable backup/alternative to my SL2. I have a feeling, though, that it’ll see quite a bit of action due to its light weight and versatility. It’ll go to work tomorrow morning.

SL2/90-280mm SL