Frustration . . .

The best shot opportunity I’ve ever had for an elusive Mistletoebird got squandered today, along with about two-thirds of my other shots, by the RF 100-400mm. If the bird is in front, it focuses on whatever’s behind it. If the bird is in back, it focuses on whatever is closer. At least it’s consistent—consistently awful.

Today was the last day for finding new friends, twenty-seven so far, on this journey. This has been by far the worst I’ve ever been let down by my gear during travel, so badly that it briefly had me entertaining thoughts earlier today of giving up bird photography, or at least going back to manual focus.

There’s the option of using analog focus with the EF 200mm f2.8/EF 2X combo. But the matter of noise in good light with the R7 (see below) is another problem. Suffice it to say that come Monday, some changes will occur.

R7/RF 100-400mm