Fun with ultrawide . . .

. . . and perspective control.

Out briefly this afternoon with an 18mm Super-Elmar-M, I had some fun framing things in a new way using the M10-R’s perspective control. The one niggle about the feature is that it writes the changes only in .jpg. The benefits, however, are several, not the least of which is having the image captured with Leica glass in the first place.

After a few hours of panic-driven search looking at options for making rangefinder focus a little easier (to preserve battery life), I came to the conclusion that it’s not only far more practical to continue using the EVF and buy more batteries, but also cheaper.

After trying a few things to conserve battery life, what seems to work for me is setting auto shutoff to two minutes, and then using the live view button for times when I’m shooting or the camera is idle. Not too many frames shot today, but I got through three-plus hours on about two bars of battery. I can live with that.

M10-R/18mm Super-Elmar-M ASPH