Further misadventures . . .

. . . some with the RF extender, but mostly with trying to process photos on ipad.

While the extender works well with the RF 100-400mm in decent or better light and on certain subject matter, it has two issues on other subjects and in lesser light: AF accuracy and (lack of) sharpness (see second photo below).

Maybe it’s because I have a set routine that gives me pleasing results on my Macbook Pro, but doing anything significant to raw files on my ipad pro gives me fits. I must have tried a dozen favorably reviewed apps and none of them can even moderately alter highlights, shadows, levels, etc. without completely ruining the image. The best I can do is sharpen minimally where needed and resize.

In fact, even on Macbook, the only two softwares I’ve ever found that can do a decent job with shadows and highlights are Lightroom, ruled out because of Adobe’s crappy way of doing business; and Capture One, which I use for a big chunk of my processing.

Lens corrections, though? Forget it. Next time on the road, I face a tough choice: cellular data or image processing capability. Methinks the pics just might win . . .

R5/RF 100-400mm
R5/RF 100-400mm/RF 1.4X