Getting a grip . . .

Yesterday’s not-quite kite shots occurred because I forgot to switch IS to panning. With correct settings today, the a6400 didn’t miss. And after watching some through-the-EVF videos of the a9’s animal eye AF in action, it appears that I’m not missing out on anything.

Having had one Sony body or another around most of the time since digital ILC began (17 bodies, IIRC), I’ve observed that the crop sensor ones are usually quicker than the sometimes sluggish-seeming full frame options. It’s been especially true with AF in the a6xxx series compared with the a7 series. Will the upcoming a7 IV change that? Let’s see…

A mostly sunny day turned up a few interesting critters. One was a Changeable Hawk-Eagle (second below), who I’ve been trying to capture in good light and at a reasonable distance for a few days now. He varies his perch whenever he shows up, but I’ve never seen him in flight.

The first shot below is a Red-Wattled Lapwing, a critter who appears to have evolved to avoid bullets in flight, and is not easy to capture, especially with a ~900mm AOV. Nor were the Little Terns I got at a distance earlier in the day. The camera is particularly quick to lock onto even a distant critter with sky in the background, but—all together now—not quite as good as the R6!

a6400/200-600mm G
a6400/200-600mm G