Getting there . . .

Out with the a7 IV and 200-600mm G this morning, some decent light gave me the impetus to attach the 1.4X extender, not really expecting much. Instead, I was floored. Not only was acuity remarkable, for once it appears that Sony’s combined stabilization can reasonably steady the focus point.

From the beginning, there was something about the tonality of this sensor that I really liked. And the challenge now is in finding a way to keep what I see on EVF playback when I process the images. Some more experimentation after I posted yesterday revealed that a Raw Power to Affinity workflow at least gets me better quality than yesterday’s posted image.

Interestingly, Raw Power allows me to process the a7 IV’s raw files only if a Sony lens was attached when the image was captured. But at least I can do my critter shots with it. And hopefully things will start to align favorably when raw support for the camera comes to ipad OS.


a7 IV/200-600mm G/1.4X