Getting there . . .

After playing with some of the files from the 280/2X batch, I came to realize that certain corrections that are applied when L-mount lenses are on the SL2 are not applied to raw files when adapted R glass is attached, even if the lens is selected in the lens profile menu option. Just a bit of tweaking, however, makes a world of difference, taking the combo from the middle-of-the-pack descriptive I used yesterday to among the better lenses of similar focal length.

Luck was with me yesterday, for as soon as I posted my entry and checked listings in the local B&S, a 1.4X APO-Extender-R appeared, roughly a once every two years occurrence. It became mine before noon today, and I headed out into the field.

Under conditions that ranged from bright sunshine to rain over a few hours, I managed to find a friend or two to sit for me during the gloomier conditions. Handling was as expected, details were again mind-boggling, and performance with the 1.4X is every bit as good as that of the bare lens, assuming I do my part of the work properly.

The combo will get the usual target test and hopefully have the chance to shoot a few friends in good light next time in the field. First reaction, though, is that—all aspects considered—this setup will eventually capture some very satisfying images.

SL2/280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R/APO 1.4X