Getting up to speed . . .

A quick check of my files shows that it’s been about three years (correction: a little over a year) since I last shot with Nikon. I never quite bonded with the Z7 and its AF left something to be desired, a circumstance well-documented online by others.

What a revelation it is to dip my toe into the brand now! Unlike Sony, which always leaves something out so that their next model can be the dangling carrot, Nikon is fairly quick to let its premium technology trickle down into its more modest offerings.

The last generation of their DSLR bodies had a autofocus setting that enabled acquiring/tracking focus on the nearest object in the frame. Although I haven’t delved into the detailed AF settings yet, that feature appears to be the default on the Z fc. No more missing everything or balking. Put your subject under the focus point, and the camera will focus on it, period. Don’t get me wrong, though; it’s not in the same league as the R6, just miles ahead of full-frame L-mount.

Opting for body only yesterday, I did some reading about the budget Z lenses and picked up a 28mm f/2.8 SE lens today. For me, it’s a handy FOV. The lens is a hideously cheap-looking imitation of yesteryear’s venerable AIS lenses, plastic down to the mount. But so cheap.

That’s where “cheap” ends, though. It’s sharp across the frame from wide open to f/11, decent color, and focuses down to about 7 or 8 inches, making it a good option for flowers when one wants as much depth as possible.

I’m already thinking about what to cannibalize next in order to grab a copy of the 100-400mm, which would seem to be a perfect complement to the 500mm PF. Oh, it never ends . . .

Z fc/500mm PF (ISO 2500)
Z fc/28mm SE