Glass quandary . . .

Hoping to make the best glass choices for the SL2-S first time around, I spent several hours poring over my archived shots taken with, among others, the two Sigma L-mount zooms as well as photos shared by others taken with the CL, SL2, and SL2-S.

Without allocating blame for focus inaccuracies, neither Sigma zoom impressed, although if out of other options I’d likely choose the shorter one plus TC for its lighter weight. The Lumix cylindrical bricks are out of the question.

Looking at my most recent shots with my long-time staple, the 180mm APO + 2X, the combo was horrible on the CL and mediocre at best on the SL2. But previous copies of the same combo worked well on the TL2, leaving me to conclude that only the first of the three copies of the APO-Extender 2X that I’ve owned worked well with the 180mm. The middle copy was a late non-ROM, and the most recent copy was ROM version from the last batch made by Leica, both produced when Leica was going through tough times and may have sourced inferior glass.

As such, I managed to find and ordered an early non-ROM copy from overseas. Yes, 358mm will be too short for most of what I hope to do, but at least it’ll be carryable without complaint for times when I want to carry shorter glass as well.

The 180mm APO got put back to work today on a long, rainy walk with the SL2-S, putting its IPX reputation on the line and appearing to survive . . .

SL2-S/180mm APO-Elmarit-R
SL2-S/180mm APO-Elmarit-R