Glutton for punishment?

It is impossible to shoot with the a9 II without comparing it to the R5. And so far, almost every individual feature, from EVF to critter AF, is better on the R5. But the a9 II is a harmonious package for what it is, with much yet to be explored, and with a bit better image quality/texture, much like that of the R6, but with colors that can be punched up in an appealing manner.

Good as the 200-600mm G is, its size makes it somewhat unwieldy for long hikes and travel. With that in mind, I managed to track down a secondhand “Made in Japan” copy of the 100-400mm GM. The first target shots I did were with the 1.4X, as that’s where the recently-ditched china copy fell miserably short. This one looks good so far, and a 2X will likely get added to the arsenal as well.

I know, I know; no backtracking. Hey, at least this copy was made in a different country!

a9 II/200-600mm G/1.4X