Go figure . . .

Out with the Sony setup again today, some nice light prompted me to add the teleconverter in spite of the less than mediocre results I got with it last time. Not happy with spot metering last outing, I’d quickly switched to multi when I saw that the EV control had almost no effect.

But when it metered incorrectly on a signboard this morning, I testily changed it back. My next series of captures looked exactly as I recall getting with the previous copies. Happy I was, yes, but equally dumbfounded.

Recalling some years back using the a7r II with the R 280mm f/4 APO-Telyt, I got a weird greenish cast on my shots. An internet search turned up someone who’d had a similar issue with the lens on Sony. Apparently light reflected off the sensor onto the rear element, and partially reflected back onto the sensor.

Best I can figure is that what’s happening with some of the photosites on the sensor affects what’s happening with some of the adjacent ones. Cue belly laugh from scientists, probably with good reason.

Strangely, I even got a more stable finder today than before. Dunno if any circumstance has anything to do with or helps explain the other; I’m just glad I found something that works better than last time out. Looks like this combo will be my first-team optic going forward. Still hoping, though, that Canon will bring out a long f/4 prime one o’ these days…

a7 IV/100-400mm GM/1.4X
a7 IV/100-400mm GM/1.4X