Good riddance and welcome . . .

The offending Canon EF setup I griped about in yesterday’s entry is gone—in its entirety. Neither ergonomic nor easy to carry in the field, the additional offenses were too much to warrant another test outing.

Somehow in the process of getting rid of camera, lens, and TC, I managed to return home with a nice, steel grey M9. Yes, with the new sensor. It’s been twelve years since I last shot with a CCD sensor (D40X), and recent photos taken by others using the M9 kept getting my attention. Having been looking for a backup for my M10-R, well, it was an easy choice.

It accompanied me on some errands in the afternoon, and I managed a couple dozen shots with the 50 ‘cron. Unfortunately, my shots just missed critical focus accuracy (see one below), all by the same amount; which could point to a need for rangefinder adjustment.

Hopefully I’ll have time to try a few more lenses with it tomorrow. I swiped the diopter off the M10-R, which will now wear the Visoflex permanently, and the RF patch appeared very clear.

We’ll see what happens . . .

M9/50mm Summicron-M v. 5