Goodbye and hello, pt. 2 . . .

A golden opportunity to divest of the 35mm ‘lux FLE presented itself today, and I bit. In the shuffle of things, I ended up with a long-desired 35mm Summicron v. 4, and a too-good-to-pass-up 75mm APO-Summicron.

After securing an M10 correction lens II, which has a much larger opening than the original M correction lens, I find I can focus all of my M glass by rangefinder with the M10-R. The Visoflex will still be useful for perspective control and focusing in less than optimal conditions, but the shooting process is more enjoyable in the classic manner.

The one remaining stumbling block is the Noctilux on the M9, but maybe some further practice will enable a better hit rate. None of the three local Leica stores has the 1.4X viewfinder magnifier in stock, but I was able to try the 1.25X on the M10-R. Same as with the MS Optical magnifier, contrast took such a hit that I “just” missed on every shot.

A couple of shots from the walk home are below, enough to whet my appetite for another outing soon.

M10-R/75mm Summicron-M
M10-R/35mm Summicron-M v. 4