Goodbye, mud flat . . .

My friends of some six years, the White-Bellied Sea Eagle couple, did an extended fly-by, as did my new pal, the Changeable Hawk Eagle, as I took my last stroll, sans birding gear, through the mud flat (first shot below) and seawall area (second shot) that’s yielded some decent critter shots over the past several months.

A patch of reclaimed land (as are a few adjoining square miles of turf), it rests atop a major highway tunnel; and is probably one of the largest contiguous areas of such that is as yet undeveloped. Probably not for long, though.

Today’s farewell was a happy one, as much nicer patches await at the next juncture.

M9/50mm Summicron-M V. 5
M9/24mm f3.8 Elmar-M