Grrrrrr . . . !!!

It would have been a great day for photos, but for one thing: Canon’s proclivity to change a setting by itself when a user-changed setting is effected.

So that I could download photos from the SD card rather than by using the slower USB-C cable, last week I set both the CF Express slot and the SD slot to record raw files. I went about my business in the days since, but noticing that photos sometimes had a glazed-over look. First I blamed it on the extender, then I figured it must have to do with heat shimmer. Until a couple of days ago, when there was no heat shimmer and I still got that look.

Today I clumsily happened to click on EXIF and noticed that the image was recorded in jpg format. A quick look back revealed that the camera had been doing that since I changed the card slot settings. I’ve since reset both card slots to raw, and will have to restrain myself from spiking the camera on concrete if I see it has changed both slots to large jpg again.

The joy of getting shots of a migrating humpback whale and an emu in the wild was dampened by the sub-par manner in which the shots were recorded. It reminded me of when the R6 arbitrarily changed the slot it recorded on, the one niggle I found with the camera, and a known issue for which Canon has only provided a workaround, not a firmware update fix.

So much for dependability . . .

R5/RF 100-400mm/RF 1.4X
R5/RF 100-400mm