Here & there . . .

Seems that whether a bond with a lens occurs depends, for me, mostly on the camera. The R 80mm ‘lux was fantastic on the M240, but lost a lot of its character on the SL. The 90mm APO ‘cron didn’t click on a couple of bodies, but it’s much to my liking on the SL2-S. Probably doesn’t make much sense, but I generally start out liking fast Mandler glass and then get tired of the post processing needed. It’s mostly opposite with the modern glass.

Although the f/1 Noctilux looked great on the CL this morning, the one-meter MFD was consistently frustrating, especially when the 75mm APO ‘cron goes to .7 and is so well-corrected. Maybe time to trundle it off and look for another R 80mm ‘lux, as I think the SL2-S sensor might be just right for it.

Monsoon has decided to continue beyond the new moon this year, but I headed out in a steady rain this afternoon, vexed but undeterred. The Sigma zoom has yet to see a clear ray of sunshine, but even in gloomy conditions it grabs details, somewhat in the same way the 280mm f/4 APO does.

Mr. Yamaki and his team have just gotten better and better, and this lens may turn out to be one of their masterpieces. Methinks next generation will see “Made in Aizu” in the same way we crave Germany gear . . .

CL/90mm APO-Summicron-M
SL2-S/Sigma 150-600mm