“Only from the minds of…”

. . . marketing people.

Sometimes another person’s claim of an experience different from mine leaves me wondering if we tread in the same universe. Such is the case with the legions who claim that the L-mount’s autofocus method is inferior to that of the other manufacturers. Not only is that not reflective of my experience, it’s exactly the opposite.

The SL2 never seems to miss when a native lens is mounted, unless my own movement throws the focus point. No, not “ballpark” accurate, as I too often got/get with canikonympus cameras. I mean critically accurate, and—believe me—these lenses leave not a pixel of doubt.

Here’s the recipe, folks: take a plausible-sounding (though not universally true) premise of science; mix well with a generous portion of marketing hype; repeat and distribute as much as your advertising budget will allow; and you will soon have a cadre of clickbait carpers parroting your claim.

Among camera and lens makers, things like this eventually influence who’s legendary, who’s ordinary, and who’s no longer in the business.

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