Howitz hangin’ . . .

Sometimes the simplest thing makes a complex difference.

Logic and the laws of physics tell us that usually the most comfortable way to bear weight on the shoulder is to spread the load out. So a wide camera strap should be more comfortable than a narrow one, right?

Not necessarily.

For some years now, I’ve been hearing a number of Leica friends singing the praises of Harry Benz straps. But I figured one wouldn’t be the best choice for me because of their relatively narrow width. Some months back, though, desperate to try anything that might be gentler to my age-affected frame, I decided to order one. It arrived a couple of days ago.

To be perfectly unfair in testing it, I mounted my 180mm f/2.8 APO-Elmarit-R, roughly a kilogram with adapter attached. Its front heaviness also turns the base of the camera into a fulcrum of sorts, putting even more pressure on the ol’ bones.

For two hours I endured this load . . . in perfect comfort. With M lenses, the back of the camera stays flat against my torso. The strap doesn’t slide when I don’t want it to, but slides easily when I do want it to. Miracle of miracles, it doesn’t even wrinkle my shirt collar!

The split O-rings don’t jam themselves in the wrong position. Somehow the strap manages to never turn itself wrong side out when in use.

It’s comfortable. It’s unobtrusive. At the same time, it’s aesthetically sublime.

I’ve long believed that only God is capable of making perfect things. Looks like He has some competition now . . .

R6/RF 85mm f2