If a little is good . . .

. . . then a lot must be great, right? That one’s gotten me way off track more than once.

Yesterday’s test shots with the 180mm APO/2X combo were satisfying, especially after the disappointment with the Sigma. And the first few critter shots yielded some pleasing details with the combo paired with the SL2.

Rather than concentrating on maximizing what I can get from the setup, my mind almost instantly jumped to thoughts of maybe acquiring another 280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R. Fortunately, this time around my brain retained at least a shred of sanity.

Reminding myself that there’s no OS in the two-kilogram monster and that the setup would be well over three kilograms brought me at least partially back to earth. If I’m honest with myself, the 180/2X/SL2 setup at about 2.3kg is about as much as I am comfortable handling over the course of a half-day (or longer) outing.

The other thing is that bird photography is not the driving force it once was, but rather one pursuit among others. Maybe this time “a little” is all I really need.

SL2/180mm APO-Elmarit-R/APO 2X