If something is good . . .

. . . then a lot of something must really be good, right? Nope. Not at all. Not with food. Not with booze.

And as I’m starting to get through my thick skull, not with camera gear. No, not in terms of quantity. In this case, it’s millimeters and megapixels.

With the R6 and the slow RF “consumer” glass, I was happy with the images I was getting. And the handling. But something kept telling me the R5 would be better. And that, along with it, the RF 100-500mm would be the “perfect” zoom.

And, for once, a lot of something would have been really good. Except for one thing. Both pieces are in for service. I think one is malfunctioning, but it’s possible that the problem exists with the other. Or maybe even both.

And with the binary brains in this part of the world, nothing may get fixed. See, in these parts, something is either broken or it’s not. There’s no such thing as “not working properly.” “Not working properly” translates locally into “still working,” or “not broken.” “Not working properly” in camera techician-ese means no need to repair, because it’s still working. “Not properly” is inconsequential.

And to think that the R6 I sold away was a grey market piece. Working perfectly. Its twenty-megapixel sensor was enough. Those “consumer” lenses were good—still are. Forty-plus megapixels and 500mm at the long end can’t possibly be really good when they’re in a repair shop somewhere.

Waiting to see how it plays out, and counting my blessings for the “old” F-mount stuff . . .

D7500/500mm PF
CL/Sigma 100-400mm