I’m NOT crazy . . .

. . . well, not too much. At least not where gear quality is concerned.

After more test shots with the apparently underperforming 50mm Summilux-M ASPH I mentioned yesterday, I was sure that contrast and sharpness were way off when the lens was shot wide open. So, back to the shop to compare it with another copy, and the difference was pretty stark. It’s obvious that something is out of whack with this lens.

I guess that’s the flip side of the ultra-tight tolerances in Mr. Karbe’s designs. With their inertia, it doesn’t take much of a blow to put something out of tolerance. Fortunately, I was glad to be able to swap it for one of Dr. Mandler’s designs, a 50mm Summilux-M v. 2, and was immediately taken with the rendering of the lens.

Tomorrow, no test shots. But—hopefully—plenty of shooting!

SL2/28mm Elmarit-R