Impulse buy-bye!

With a dumb adapter still hung up in the land of cheap accessories (along with my incoming CL from Leica Miami) until China gets over its hissy fit with the rest of the world, I decided to give the 300PF and 2X a try on the current FOTODIOX adapter, which is FULL OF rotational SLOP at both ends—shouldn’t affect focus, but makes handling more of a pain.

The adapter wound up in a dumpster on the way back from the park, and the teleconverter barely missed the same fate, only because it can be offloaded to another glutton for punishment sold. I won’t go into the missed opportunities the setup caused, or other stuff that might cause me to damage my keyboard.

The photo below is evidence enough, the only salvageable image from this afternoon’s critter-stalking session. It’s posted only after adjusting exposure, highlights, shadows, sharpening, contrast, saturation and every other control I could find that would save it from the recycle bin.

After this lesson, it would seem better to keep future choices at least within the L-mount alliance, and that only if Leica doesn’t cover what I need. Options are further narrowed by the international shipping tit-for-tat, meaning unless I can source it here, it’ll have to wait.

No problem. The R combo’s been looking pretty good lately . . .