In good light . . .

Finally with some blue sky under which to shoot, I had a chance to directly compare the subtleties of a 50-year-old Mandler lens with the TTartisan 28mm f5.6. As expected, the 28mm is sharper in the edges and corners. After all, the Mandler 35mm is a reportage lens, with emphasis on center sharpness.

In terms of capturing subtle differences in color and light, the half-centenarian is clearly better, though the “Summaron” is quite a good lens, especially when compared to similar Japanese-branded offerings, Sigma excepted. Bottom line: it’s good to have both in the bag, especially since their combined weight is still less than a typical mirrorless lens.

Best of all: good light and some blue skies to work in. And more critters on the way soon!

M10/35mm Summicron-M v. 3