In the dark . . .

A steady, hard rain fell without letup from before daybreak until mid-afternoon, when it decreased to light rain, by which time it could have been coming down in buckets and wouldn’t have stopped me from getting outdoors.

It was surprising to see how the 600mm f/11 could focus accurately and without balking in dusk-like light. Although it didn’t escape me that I had just offloaded an f/4 telephoto, I had no regrets—especially with an idea of what m43 files would look like in this lighting: not even salvageable.

Hey, if the upcoming f/7.1 is as fast as it’s gonna be, I might as well get used to it . . .

. . . or dig around to see if there’s an old, faster MF option. Just for the sake of comparison, you know . . . 😉

EOS R/600mm f11

Malayan Pied Fantail
EOS R/600mm f11