Ins and outs . . .

After some research and thought, an S5 is on the way and the CL made what was probably its last outing in my hands this afternoon. I found some raw files online, took a close look, and decided that the Tower Semiconductor sensor more than offsets my so-so feelings about the s5’s place of origin.

Still up in the air about Canon—I like some things about both the R and the 90D, but neither can handle the extender. And on the R, it’s a necessity. It took a full seven seconds from half-press wakeup until focus was acquired on a shot this morning, not acceptable.

A few people whose opinions I respect have had high praise for the R6. While I’d prefer just a few more megapixels, getting the shot in the first place is more than just a preference. And by all accounts, it does that well. It may end up that both current Canon bodies get trundled off in favor of the R6.

Out with the CL in the afternoon, the Sigma 150-600mm continues to impress. The second shot below, a 100% crop of a dragonfly, was taken near MFD at 180mm. It resolves the details of the tiny critter’s eyes, no small feat for any zoom.

The first shot, a 100% crop of what appears to be a juvenile White-Bellied Sea Eagle, wouldn’t have been possible with the CL’s Spot AF but for the superb stabilization in the lens.

And so it goes . . .

CL/Sigma 150-600mm
CL/Sigma 150-600mm