Is it daytime?

Out with the CL and the 180mm/2X combo, shooting at f/5.6 most of the time, it was so gloomy that I never got below ISO 1600. Yeah, there were a few critters out there today, some even in view. But the shots of today’s find, a female Laced Woodpecker, can’t be rescued from the noise.

What about the Sigma, you ask? Typical of most of Sigma’s recent zooms that I’ve owned at one time or another, its wide open aperture, f/6.3, seems darker than f/8 on the 180mm/2X.

Bottom line, though, is when I carry the CL/180/2X for a few hours and come back almost empty-handed, I don’t feel as aggrieved as when I carry the bulkier stuff on a fruitless outing.

Speaking of bulkier, the 350mm is scheduled to arrive late tomorrow. Coming from Europe, I’m hopeful it won’t end up on an extended stopover in propaganda-land.

Insult to injury: as I type this, twenty minutes before sunset, the sun is now shining . . . 😕

Yesterday’s leftover: SL2-S/Sigma 150-600mm