Is NOT a match . . .

As with some failed marriages, there’s no good person/bad person thing; it’s just two good people who are badly mismatched. Such seems to be the case with the CL and Sigma 150-600mm.

Sure, on static targets, lens and camera do just fine. The Sigma is blinding sharp for a zoom, with superb OIS and quick AF—on the SL2-S. The CL resides in the centerpoint of perfection for most applications—with its own glass, M glass, or R glass.

To top it off, after a hundred shots over ninety minutes, the battery was flat. I don’t mean one bar or blinking a warning. I mean the camera shut down. I knew before I headed out today that neither piece of gear was designed with the intention of being paired with the other, so lesson underscored.

The CL again showed no sign of heating up, even under bright sun in warm weather using autofocus. Next sunny day when I head out in the same direction with the CL, the R combo will go along. Generations apart, but a perfect match!

CL/Sigma 150-600mm
CL/Sigma 150-600mm