Is not a match . . .

During another fruitless outing trying to coax the M10-R into producing some good shots with the R 180mm APO and 2X, the results were so subpar that I decided to shoot the bare lens to see if there’d be a difference. Images were not what I’d seen this lens do on the M240 and well below what it does on the CL.

While I was changing back to an uncoded M lens, it dawned on me that I’d been setting the 180mm to 11357, the code for version II. The camera has no option for 11273, version I; whereas the CL’s list of R lens profiles has options for either version.

I doubt that such an omission on the M10-R was anything other than purposeful on Leica’s part. Now I know why.

Fortunately, Oly and an old friend saved the day from being a critterless one. The second shot below depicts my dear bulbul friend of almost six years on his way to feed yet another brood of hungry little ones. He always has a minute to sit for a photo for me.

Black-Naped Oriole (Juvenile)
E-M1 II/300mm f/4 Pro

Yellow-Vented Bulbul
E-M1 II/300mm f/4 Pro