It ain’t necessarily so . . .

A second series of shots in excellent light with the 135mm APO-Telyt resulted in a slightly better than 50% keeper rate. With this hit rate and having read that even experienced RF shooters sometimes have trouble getting accurate focus with this FL, I will source a magnifier before I trundle the lens off for service. It does go a tiny bit past infinity, but I suspect that’s for the same reason that R telephotos also do.

The only other lens with which I missed shots was the 75mm ‘lux, missing just a few when I shot it wide open indoors. The correction lens is a lifesaver, and has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the M10-R.

Which reminds me . . . while doing a good bit of reading on diopters, magnifiers, how to choose one, etc. I referred to a popular Leica user forum. It is populated vastly by good people, many of whom are proactively helpful in sharing their experiences and knowledge.

As with any such forum, however, there are the few who aggressively push their views, often questionable, in almost every thread; one of whom pointedly admonished another participant to buy only the correction lens II for the M10, claiming that the earlier iteration wouldn’t work as well.

The original correction lens works with M bodies prior to the M10 series. It requires a thread adapter if mounted on any of the M10 series, as does the 1.4X viewfinder magnifier. And the original correction lens fits on the magnifier. As I wanted to be prepared in case I later decided to get the magnifier (which it now appears I may need), I tested both iterations.

To my surprise, the original, which has a smaller diameter (due to the thread adapter) on the M10, gave a noticeably contrastier patch than the correction lens II! My guess is that’s because it lets in a bit less peripheral light from the rear. So much for it always being best to use the intended version of an accessory…it ain’t necessarily so!

Oh, be careful little eyes, what you read . . . and believe . . .

M10-R/90mm f/2.4 Summarit-M