It fits . . .

. . . and that’s about all.

Nowhere in their literature does Leica claim that the the R-Adapter-L is compatible with APO-Extender-R ROM 2X . Nor have I seen any such claim on their website. But I have read two versions of such a claim in one online forum. One says that it identifies a ROM lens mounted on a ROM extender, but not the extender. The other says it identifies both and includes both lens and extender in EXIF data.

After adding a 180mm f/2.8 APO-Elmarit-R ROM back to the arsenal earlier today (more on that later), I decided to see for myself. On the CL, with the ROM lens and ROM extender attached to the R-Adapter-L, it registers “Unknown Lens” in the menu. Once the correct lens is selected from the menu, only the identity of the lens is written to EXIF.

With the ROM lens only and without the ROM extender mounted on the R-Adapter-L on the CL, the lens is automatically detected correctly by the camera, and lens information is written to EXIF.

Going forward, with the 2X and the 180mm I will most probably use the R-Adapter-M coupled with the M-Adapter-L because it at least brings up the correct lens menu at startup.

Seems as though the grass is always greener on the other side. After dissing the Elmarit on these pages about a week ago, I came to the conclusion that the drag on the Telyt’s focusing ring was more hindrance than help. And whereas the Elmarit benefits slightly from being stopped down to f/4 (eff. f/8) when used on the 2X extender, the Telyt needs to be stopped down to f/4.8 (eff. f/9) in order to mitigate veiling flare. And best results are realized by stopping down still another half-stop to eff. f/11.

Side-by-side testing earlier today shows that the Elmarit+2X wide open has better contrast than the Telyt+2X at f/4.8 (eff. f/9). At these apertures I didn’t see much difference between the two in sharpness, which is probably limited by hand-holding the setup even at fairly high shutter speeds.

With the Elmarit back in the arsenal, I suspect the grass will finally stay greener on this side…

CL/180mm APO-Telyt-R/APO-Extender R 2X