It took a while . . .

Almost three years ago I stood in the Sony store trying to decide between the recently-released (at that time) a7r IV and the latest thing at the time, the a9 II. The megapixel hog in me overruled logic, reason, and practicality and chose the a7r IV.

Within a few months it was gone, the practical side driven crazy by the montrous files and the ever-present fine black textural elements in the noise signature. It took almost three years, but reason finally took over and added an a9 II to the arsenal. It’ll take a while to explore all the capabilities of the little powerhouse, but for the moment it’s my Sony medicine for the R6 I always regretted letting go.

Speaking of Canon, a hot, sticky morning with abundant sunshine made a perfect time for learning exactly what effect diffraction might have on the R7. Armed with the RF 100-400mm, RF 800mm, and 1.4X extender, I tried the bare lenses and each with the extender.

The long answer is that every combination captured an insane amount of detail with crisp edges, even at f/16. As an aside, stabilization worked superbly. The short answer: diffraction? What diffraction?

a7 IV/Sigma 85mm f1.4