It wasn’t the lens . . .

It was me. Or my aging eyesight. Again. Looks as though I’ve joined the legions who’ve found the 75mm ‘lux difficult to focus by rangefinder when wide open. Surely lack of contrast is an accomplice in the matter. That said, I found some shots I took with the lens on the M10-R using the rangefinder and my accuracy was a good bit better. Go figure.

For a while, I thought the M9 might turn out to be a Mandler camera, using classic glass; and that the M10-R would be tasked with recording the more recent, sharper lenses. Looks like it’ll turn out to be just the opposite. The 90mm APO ‘cron and the 35mm FLE were flawless on the M9 during today’s walks, and easy to focus.

Looks like I owe the venerable 75mm ‘lux an apology. I still say it’s not bone sharp except at infinity; but it looks a good bit better on the M10-R than what I got out of it with the M9 yesterday. Oh, well . . . 😳

M9/90mm APO-Summicron-M
M9/35mm Summilux-M FLE