It’s still not the R5 . . .

With rain predicted for much of the day, I figured I wouldn’t be losing anything by giving the R10 some work. Well, it turned out to be quite a nice afternoon weather-wise, and a number of favorite avian friends showed up.

The R10 was mostly up to the task. It frequently struggled to focus with the RF 100-400mm, somewhat understandable because of the low native contrast of the lens. It also showed AF confirmation on several shots that were not in focus. Noise was pretty obvious even in low four-digit ISO.

Still, I probably would have been okay with it if there hadn’t been an R5 sitting idle back on my desk. Not the fault of the camera, I told myself.

It’s the fault of the user for not remembering what the definition of a backup is.

R10/RF 100-400mm
R10/RF 100-400mm