Juice Hog!

Out with the S5 and 150-600mm on a frustrating walk interrupted by rain, fifty shots drained the battery by just over half. This was with the camera switched off for periods of time, and after I tweaked a couple of power-save settings. Tracking and animal detection seem to function only when the intended subject fills a third of the frame or more, a bit of a letdown ater using the R6. I had to use spot AF to get a distant shot of a critter.

On the bright side, when focus is acquired, it’s accurate. Dual IS is superb. And image quality, when exposure is set correctly, is magnificent. I qualified that because the raw files seem to have as little latitude as I’ve ever seen in any camera when it comes to adjusting shadows and highlights.

If I can solve the battery issue, image quality makes it worth it to live with the other issues. Bad as I’ve made it sound here, it’s at least as good as any of the a7xx cameras I’ve owned, better than most of them.

Next issue is what to do with the EF zoom and TC, given that the Sigma does a better job of what I got the EF stuff to do. It’ll get another few outings with the R6 before I conclude anything, because it has its own very nice draw. Let’s see what the new RF 100-400mm looks like, although the price says it’s a consumer-grade lens. Sooner or later, Canon’s gotta come up with a moderate-speed tele prime.

So . . . time to enjoy what’s here, sit back and wait to see what’s coming . . . and buy more batteries! 😜

S5/Sigma 150-600mm