Just like that . . .

. . . the gear situation again turns on a dime. Well, at least the second step of it.

With the z50 and Z fc, two entry-intermediate bodies, under consideration, I made it to the shop at opening time, knowing I’d need time to charge the battery in order to shoot in the afternoon.

Basically the same innards, the two cameras have radically different form factors. While the grip of the z50 was a lure, I opted for the retro Z fc, in large part because it puts a dedicated exposure comp wheel under my thumb, and has other dedicated dials for the exposure triangle (as well as menu options).

After two hours in the field with the setup this afternoon, I could kick myself for fiddling with the SL2-S and L-mount full frame in general for so long. No such feeling with the venerable R-mount APO lens and extender, which—even when compared to a high-tech prime—still make a great combo.

The kicker is how badly entry/intermediate-level autofocus kicks L-mount’s butt. The good part is that the Z fc will work nicely in tandem with either the CL or M10 if there’s to be any travel in my future. Just one day with the setup also prompts me to give a closer eye to Nikon’s 100-400mm zoom as a companion tool for the long prime.

Much thought (and undoubtedly some action) in the coming days . . .

Nikon Z fc/500mm PF