Let’s make it unanimous . . .

Seems I’ve found my “drug” in the photography world. Actually, it was something I noticed years ago. But it was necessary for me to experiment for a while longer in order to appreciate it.

It’s not specifically Mandler glass, as I’ve come to realize. It’s Mandler-era glass, especially certain pieces from—roughly—the late ’70’s through the early ’80’s. And with a 28mm Elmarit-R from that era inbound, hopefully arriving by early next week, I couldn’t pass up a 1982 50mm ‘lux-R I ran across the other day.

The spectacularly capable and ultrafast Voigtlander 35mm and 50mm were sacrificed without so much as a tiny twinge of regret. And though my only shots with the ‘lux were captured while I was running around doing errands this afternoon, I already know it’s going to be a favorite.

OOF areas with this lens can be a bit wild depending on subject matter, but it’s much more to my liking than the 50mm f/1 Noctilux was. Tomorrow should afford a bit more time to try some specific things with the lens.

. . . and plot my next move . . .

SL2/50mm Summilux-R