Like an old friend . . .

. . . except that the old friend has been “refined” quite a bit. As a big fan of the M240, I’d long wanted to give the better EVF and slimmer size of the M10 a try.

Seems like the transition from an SL2 to a slower rangefinder would be almost traumatic. But it seemed so natural right from the start that there wasn’t even a sense of change.

For shooting short I much prefer the smaller files, not to mention the relatively light weight, even with the 600g 75mm Summilux attached. The only downside I see so far is that the sensor is very dust-prone, something Leica claimed wouldn’t be an issue.

Oh, well, there’s no perfect camera. But for their intended purposes and respective user bases, both the M10 and SL2 come close.

M10/24mm f3.8 Elmar-M