Like that, huh?

Out for an afternoon struggle with the a7 IV setup, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that at almost any speed, images are sharper when electronic shutter is used. With the R5, there’s no difference that I can see at any speed, and I always use mechanical shutter.

At least it takes some of the heat off the lens, which—had AF been a little better—would have turned out some great shots this afternoon. No matter….my shadier alter ego is already surveying legacy stuff for a manual focus lens to try on this camera, with which Sony really turned the corner with color output.

Seriously, limited subject matter in uncooperative poses made things harder for AF, even though steady sunshine made light excellent. So now if I can get past some images of bare branches and weirdly elongated little sunbirds courtesy of shutter lag and rolling shutter, maybe I can coax some great shots from this setup.

Or maybe see if I can talk a few of my critter friends into sitting still? Nah, like that, live with it!

a7 IV/100-400mm GM/1.4X
a7 IV/100-400mm GM/1.4X