Limitations unlimited . . .

No longer a “nature” photographer in the usual sense of the word, my subject matter is limited only by real-time choices, tempered by a working knowledge of what’s off limits (legally and societally), which is not much.

Limitations, fortunately for the time being, are only niggles that might be expected with advancing age. That’s where strap and bag choices come in handy. Much as I prefer to move about with a shoulder bag designed for shooting, the lopsidedness of the weight distribution starts to take a toll on certain joints after a week or so of being out and about while shooting.

Shifting to a backpack provides a nice alternative, but a bag that’s handy for shooting (as opposed to transport) usually comes with some security risks when moving about in crowded areas, which is everywhere here in the ant farm. Not a huge problem, though, as I’ve long been accustomed to riding escalators standing sideways.

Carrying heavy birding gear, I used to use a variety of harnesses that center the weight. Now that the weight has lightened considerably but is still substantial at times, a wide cross-body strap that distributes the weight would seem to be the best choice. But since I got enticed into using Harry Benz straps on my M cameras a couple of years back and found them to be perfect, I took it one step further with the SL2. Moving about with a Leica rope strap the past couple of days has been blissful. And no crooked shirt collar.

Yeah, little things help a lot at this juncture. Now all I need is a bit more moxie with certain subject matter.

SL2/50mm Summilux-R