Listening . . .

. . . to myself, for once. The Leica shop where I had found the 280mm APO I was considering never replied with some information I’d requested, so other alternatives had to be considered. The other day I wrote about wanting a long lens that’s not heavy, but with analog focus; a tall order nowadays when almost everything is focus-by-wire.

After checking with an acquaintance who’s a lifelong Nikon shooter and a one-time brand ambassador, I decided on the 500mm fresnel lens, which meets all of my criteria. Last time I was shooting Nikon, the lens was six or nine months on the market and still backordered and unobtainable, which was a big reason for ditching Nikon at the time.

After poking around further today, I decided to hold off another day or two on picking up a body, opting to shoot the lens on the CL. With a dumb adapter, I had to use the directional pad to trigger magnification, but I got more or less used to it after a while.

Not having seen a lot of peaking cues a few months back when I tried it at the Nikon store, I wasn’t sure if that would be a problem. It was the opposite; the lens generated as much peaking with the camera set to “Low” as other lenses do when it’s set to “High.”

First outing looked good, so good in fact that I’ll forgo the usual round of tests, a few targets of which I shot anyway on the way to the field today. Although I know I’ll mostly want to shoot with autofocus and VR, the CL paired well with the lens today and will undoubtedly see some use with it going forward.

Moving forward again . . .

CL/500mm PF