Living with “L” . . .

Late yesterday a shopkeeper with whom I sometimes trade told me in no uncertain terms that there’s no secondhand market for the S5 here. I already knew that Panasonic, which has a large presence here, stopped bringing in full-frame cameras and lenses some time ago. But…surely there’s someone as blind as I was out there looking for one? Nope.

So I’ll live with it. I’ll take the very good stabilization and superb out-of-the-camera images and live with the (many) cut corners.

When I first observed the legions of online pundits and forumers disparaging DFD autofocus, I owned an SL2 and wondered what the hell they were talking about. So it wasn’t the best at BIF, but neither were any of the Sony a7xx I’ve owned. And the SL2 was fairly fast and, more importantly, accurate.

With the S5, I not only see their point, I agree with them. Even using spot focus, it tries its best to nail anything other than what I want it to. But—to avoid ranting yet again—at least I could coax maybe 85% accuracy out of it. Focus, click the shutter button a few times, and—voila!—I’ll usually get at least one or two good frames.

The parakeet and plover below were both shot with the S5 and Sigma earlier today. With credit to the Sigma and in spite of the S5 . . . 😜

Sigma 150-600mm DG DN OS
Sigma 150-600mm DG DN OS