Lookin’ good . . .

First morning chasing critters with the Sigma zoom and it looks exactly the same as the previous copy—except that this one gets mounted on cameras that can focus it accurately. A grab shot of a Crimson Sunbird is below, a couple more on the Leica forum. It’ll take a couple of weeks to really pick it apart and see what it can (and maybe can’t) do.

Pushing my luck, I headed out with the lens and the CL in the afternoon to shoot some familiar subject matter (and get away from the crowds). On the previous copy the CL had done well enough image-wise, but the heating issue and the fact that I didn’t use a grip on it, along with a run of wet weather made it not a good option.

This time around CL#2 has both grip and thumbie, with no heating issue, and the performance of the combo on targets was astounding, rendering details that far more expensive glass couldn’t resolve. OIS worked really well for a 900mm AOV.

Again, though, it’ll take some time to see how things work when chasing critters, which is altogether a different pursuit (literally). But day one was a great start!

SL2-S/Sigma 150-600mm
SL2-S/Sigma 150-600mm