Looking ahead . . .

. . . while making sure I appreciate here and now in the gear realm and elsewhere, it looks as though at least one of the current brands in favor needs a backup for when I travel. Maybe both, as I can see recruiting either, depending on the shooting environment.

While I was a little bit taken aback by not being able to preorder an R7, some of what I’m reading makes me feel it might be for the best. The biggest factor is that I’m happy with the R5. Second is that I’m not so sure about a sensor that has greater pixel density than the highest-MP m43 cameras.

That led me to look at the specs of the upcoming R10 the other day, and—considering it purely as a potential backup—it looks great on paper, especially the weight. It has, like the R7, same AF system as the R3 with critter eye AF, same resolution EVF (a disappointment for both, though), and same image processor. No weather sealing, but neither do either of my RF telephotos and that hasn’t slowed me down a bit. They’ve taken as much rain as I’m willing to shoot in, which probably transcends the bounds of common sense, anyway!

And the a7 IV backup? Nothing enthuses. A secondhand would probably get first consideration here, and those are plentiful and reasonable in the local market. But a careful choice must be made, as the Sony optic will likely be first choice for dedicated bird-chasing missions.

Whatever the case, it’s such a joy to be able to think forward again, and with one adventure under my belt already, after a couple of years of spinning in place. Things’ll sort themselves out—until G.A.S. screws ’em up again!

a7 IV/100-400mm GM/1.4X