Looking up . . .

Out in good light to do the target circuit with the R7/180/2X setup, the lens/sensor synthesis resolved some astoundingly small details, stuff that other glass twice the focal length can’t capture. Colors, well, the SL2’s are way more appealing, but that can be worked on.

The main issue now with both lens options is nailing critical focus, fairly easily done on the SL2, but a knack yet to be gotten with the R7. What I’m seeing is that magnification has no peaking cues, which are only visible at 1X. Worse, magnification levels are fixed at 5X and 10X, producing a jumpy finder even on the lower setting with today’s combo.

More distant static subject matter is easier to nail with peaking simply because of more quantitative depth. Other subject matter isn’t as straightforward. Still, seeing how insanely sharp and contrasty the combo is on such a demanding sensor is really encouraging.

Next target shoot will be with the 280, which oddly doesn’t seem to have as much native contrast as previous copies. The key, though, will be how it performs with my critter friends, once I find a few to shoot under “sporting” conditions.

Nothing is sacred unless it performs!

R7/180mm APO-Elmarit-R/APO 2X