Low shutter count . . .

. . . sometimes says a lot about gear.

The m43 stuff has been successfully offloaded. All of it. Every single piece.

One camera had exactly 1002 clicks, the other a couple hundred more than that. In retrospect, the gear was more of a symbol of continued interest in critter photography than it was an actual set of tools for enthusiastically capturing images.

Two capable cameras, two excellent lenses, plus peripherals, generated no excitement, but rather a repressed sense of dread of encountering critters in foliage, extremely backlit, or in gloomy weather. Menus, buttons, and switches were reminiscent of the nightmarish S1R, except on a smaller scale. The prime lens always made me question whether there was really any benefit of lighter weight in carrying m43 stuff.

In the end, there wasn’t. Their former shelf sits empty in the dry cabinet now . . .

. . . waiting for the arrival of the RF 100-500mm, whenever Canon is able to catch up with demand. The 100-400mm is tempting, but with only 450mm of relative reach on the EOS R, its default deployment would always be with the 1.4X extender attached. And the adapter. Fiddly stuff to dampen enthusiasm.

This time I think I’ll be patient.

EOS R/RF 85mm f2