Microchips or cow chips?

It appears that Canon’s local e-shop has taken down their page for the R7. Poking around a familiar brick-and-mortar shop, I asked about stock for that and the R10. As assumed, copies of the R7 they received were earmarked for preorders, with no word on when the next shipment will be.

The R10? According to the salesman, the “late July” announced availability has been retracted, with no new expected ship date, due to the “chip shortage.” If he knows what he’s talking about, it sounds familiar, just a different brand name attached to the mess.

It was not that long ago that I got a similar story about Nikon’s new pro Z zoom, but with the additional “clarification” that it’s done on purpose so that demand keeps the price up. This widespread circumstance occurs in an industry that’s been moaning for a few years now about decreased sales?

Why introduce new products if you can’t make enough for the people who would buy them? Unless, of course, you’re making stuff slowly on purpose.

Dunno about microchips, but I’m pretty certain that in the camera industry there’s an abundance of the other kind of chips . . . 🤨

R5/RF 800mm f11