Mix & match . . .

Out with the RF 800mm on the R7 in very good light this morning, it was obvious that the setup isn’t nearly as good as the same lens on the R6 II. With a ridiculous amount of relative reach, the setup is good for turtles or whatever sits still, and not much more. I pretty much expected the results I got and was not disappointed.

On another matter, over six years ago when the EF 70-300mm IS II came out, it didn’t come with a hood. Further, the ET-74B could not be found in stock anywhere, even in the local Canon online store. I ended up ordering either the JJC or the Vello copy. The RF 100-400mm takes the same hood, and both past and current copies have had to live with the third-party hood.

This morning I noticed that there’s no real flocking, not even in the texture of the inside of the hood. There’s a reflective sheen, same as with the R 280, and I wonder if that has anything to do with the glare anomaly I mentioned the other day.

At any rate, all the hoods on the way now for other lenses are original Canon, and their prices for pieces of plastic are beyond ridiculous. Me angry? Not really. When I first used the EF 70-300mm IS II, more than a hood I wished for it to have an extra 100mm at the long end. In the RF 100-400mm, Canon made it happen, and with a bang.

Next wish: a REAL ET-74B! C’mon, Canon, it’s not that hard . . .

R6 II/RF 800mm f11