More pluses . . .

. . . than minuses. At the mud flat in the morning for the first time in a long while, the Sigma zoom and SL2-S weren’t perfect, but they were pretty darned good. S5 excepted, DFD/CDAF works for me about as well as PDAF; better, in fact, than Sony’s version of PDAF.

Strangely, the setup seems to work much better with either Field or Spot area mode, though following a BIF with Spot is low percentage due to technique and OIS. Tracking mode, for me, is now and always has been useless. The hard part with Leica is acquiring focus before the critter is gone. If the point slips, it’ll focus on the background.

AND . . . even if the point doesn’t slip on static subject matter, it will STILL sometimes go to the background . . . or foreground . . . or anything other than the intended subject. To be fair, the only system that avoids this much of the time is Canon RF, and even it can be fooled by coarse details behind the subject.

Next outing where BIF are present, manual focus will get a try.

Second shot below is the avian world’s punk rocker, a male Banded Woodpecker, taken during this afternoon’s stroll. The little devil very cunningly kept himself backlit, but many of the shots were salvageable. Thanks for that, Leica!