Mother Nature listened . . .

. . . and there was no rain today. Thank you.

But bright sunshine comes at a price in these parts, high humidity in today’s case, along with a heat index that reached 112F at one point. Oh, well . . .

With critters mostly hiding in trees, ISO was only a stop or so better than when it rains and they’re out in the open. Still, the lens is light enough to be very easy to handle, and it’s fun to shoot, f/11 be damned. 😉

There’s no doubt that Canon has pulled me back into the field, whereas the m43 stuff was nice for doing test shots in good light and looking at in the dry cabinet.

The hoods for the 600mm and 85mm arrived from the Land of Cheap Accessories around midday. And it does make a small difference in contrast on the 600mm. Too bad they can’t rig something up to give the lens a wider aperture!

EOS R/600mm f11

White-Throated Kingfisher
EOS R/600mm f11