Moves . . .

While my future glass choices are still in the air, the body choices are a bit more clear. The a6400 went out the door today and will eventually be followed by the R6.

Without disparaging a fantastic camera, suffice it to say I encountered a significant issue with the AF system that was so superb while I was shooting in an open field. Justification? Well, depends on how one views it. At this point it doesn’t matter.

Seems like these gear changes never pan out as I imagine them at the start of each change. First intention was to get an M10 to bridge the gap between the M9 and SL2-S. Then I asked myself why two rangefinders when the SL2-S does all they can and a lot more? Why not two L-mount bodies?

The archived TL2 files l went through earlier today looked really good. Then I recalled the issues I had after an extended trip shooting it in somewhat harsh elements at times. “No backtracking” kept popping up in my head. And if I were to strictly adhere to that, some other things under consideration would be ruled out.

Oh, well . . . it’s about the journey, not the destination, right?

EOS R6/RF 100-400mm/RF 1.4X
EOS R6/RF 100-400mm